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Who we are

Full Stack Solutions specializes in finding exceptional talent, reducing turnover, and providing streamlined payroll services

As a privately held corporation launched in 2013, we pride ourselves in our customized, cost-effective staffing solutions designed to meet clients’ needs

Our services include strategic planning, tailored invoicing, one-cost markup payrolling, protection from 1099 exposure, and proprietary on-boarding /payroll portals

We enjoy a proven track record of providing our clients the necessary workforce to meet their daily challenges

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What We Do

We Thrive

on collaboratively creating the best solutions for your staffing needs by providing the necessary manpower and skilled talent to meet project goals

We Help

our clients save costs, reduce turnover, and protect themselves from costly fines due to employee misclassification through our process of transitioning 1099 independent contractors to W-2 status

We Offer

tailored talent solutions and volume-business discounts using one markup for all locations and positions

We Furnish

our clients with a proprietary, dedicated online portal to allow temporary employees to complete and submit weekly timesheets, requisite on-boarding, payroll, and other related documentation in one place with one click

Job Postings

Job Title Location Posted Job Title Location Posted
Help Desk New York, NY Customer Support New York, NY
Customer Service New York, NY Receptionist New York, NY
Mail Room Clerk New York, NY Help Desk New York, NY
Customer Service New York, NY Receptionist New York, NY